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2019 Geneva Motor Show
Monday, 18 March 2019

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The Geneva International Motor Show, unlike the big auto shows in Detroit and Los Angeles two months ago, had a great many concept cars on display. On top of that, the pre-production prototypes and newly-unveiled production cars are themselves dream cars, bristling with levels of technology and capability well outside yesterday's bounds of practicability. This year's show was set in motion by the Car of the Year award, won by the Jaguar I-Pace.

Overall, we retain six salient points from the show:

  • Electrification is really gaining traction. Many electric cars and production-plausible EV studies.
  • he world of hypercars now includes newcomers from China and Russia.
  • Use of lighting for brand and model-range identity is going from strong to stronger.
  • Front and rear lamps are growing thinner and thinner and thinner.
  • There is no end in sight to the innovation in lights all over the car.