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2018 SIA Vision Congress
Tuesday, 04 December 2018

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VISION congress was been held on 9-10 October in Paris, Cité des Sciences and in Mortefontaine for the night drives.

Highlights of VISION 2018:

1) More than 600 attendees from 125 worldwide companies

2) the three best lectures :

  • An OLED Tailight Revolution from Michael Kruppa, head of tail light development at Audi.
  • Full LED Headlamp gen3,from Paul-Henri Matha, now at Volvo Motors
  • Active Moisture removal from Hassan Koulouh and Ulrike Geissler
and the two other AL's Ernt-Olaf Rosenhahn, and Lumileds's Helmut Tiesler-Wittig.

3) Wonderful expo booths of big, small, and startup companies in optics, electronics, and simulations. 
The 26 exhibitors focussed on improved safety now available in passenger cars thanks to digital lighting, and on improved comfort brought by ADAS.

4) Night demo drives with 31 cars showing the latest technologies in Lighting and in ADAS.

5) The panel discussion with great minds in lighting and ADAS. What a great moment, with passionate discussion about ways of combining lighting and ADAS. The main conclusion: lighting needs ADAS to lead the intelligent lighting, and ADAS needs lighting to aid visibility of sensors and integrate cameras and lidars inside the headlamp. I thank again all the people who helped to make such a grand success of this [email protected]