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Monday, 16 June 2014

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Founded under the Samlip name 60 years ago, Korea's SL Corporation is Korea's strongly predominant supplier of automotive lighting devices, mirrors, attachments and controls such as shifters and pedals, amongst other auto parts. In their home market they have nine factories and a research and development centre; these have propelled SL to a 67% share of the Korean domestic market (KDM). Worldwide, SL have ten factories and two engineering centres in North America, India, China, and Europe, as well as extensive direct-export activity and an active and growing array of collaborative ventures and agreements with suppliers outside Korea. Nevertheless, SL's global market share, at 7%, is roughly a tenth the proportion of their KDM dominance.

SL's portfolio includes all the legacy and modern technologies, from halogen and incandescent through 25- and 35-watt HIDs, a variety of LEDs, and strong development and commercialisation programmes in camera-driven intelligent lighting functions. Laser/remote-phosphor headlamps, adaptive driving (glare-free high) beams, and matrix beams are presently under development. The company's relentless drive and domestic big-fish status, coupled with longrunning cooperation with Korea's Hyundai-Kia Motors, has netted them a string of Korean-market firsts: the first LED headlamps, the first LED AFS, and the first LED fog lamp in Korea have all come from SL.

The company's philosophy has them striving to base their activities on the needs of a few central core customers, these including Hyundai-Kia and General Motors. This mode of operation has brought widespread recognition as a top-class supplier, including accolades from Hyundai-Kia and an impressive 18-year unbroken streak of receiving supplier-excellence awards from GM and the honour of being one of just four companies to receive GM's Overdrive award in 2013; burgeoning Chinese automakers have also lauded SL's talent for leveraging extensive consumer research to devise ideas especially responsive to car buyers' needs and wants.

SL face challenges including boosting market share outside the KDM, adequately advertising and burnishing their brand image to secure top human skill and talent to staff their overseas operations, and doing both of these in a global environment rapidly populating with new competitors while fending off exclusive supplier-automaker alliances that can shut out a supplier like SL.

In this report, DVN develops all this information with a lot of data about SL Corporation, namely:

• General information about their history and customers,

• Business activities and organization,

• Strategy

• Their Research and Development core targets and facilities

• Their range of products and systems, technologies they master,

• Production and footprint, and finally their SWOT

DVN close the report by an interview of Lee Sung Yup, CEO of SL Corp SL Corp which summarizes the strategy of his company by these words: : “SL is trying to make differentiated products to offer the benefits of new technology for the customers. This is called 'customer-centric companies', and our company's vision is also “Become a customer-centric company”.


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