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Ferdinand Piech is Dead at 82 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 September 2019

Sad news last week: Ferdinand Piech has died, aged 82. Like many who make at great success in their field and achieve much during the course of their lives, he had talent allied to a pretty forceful character. I met him two times: once in my former job at Valeo in Bobigny when he visited the lighting facilities. I was impressed by his blue eyes and the sharp technological questions he asked me about components, lenses, reflectors, and light sources—it really showed his passion about every kind of automotive technology. The second time was at one of the IAA autoshows in Frankfurt, where he greeted me with "Hello, Valeo guy!". He had the same blue eyes reflecting the passion of what he was seeing at this show.

Piech was the architect of an industrial strategy that saw the VW Group expand into a major global force on the back of brand acquisitions and a design and manufacturing overhaul framed around consolidating models to common group platforms across the brands. He was CEO of VW Group from 1993-2002 and thereafter wielded considerable power as chair of the company's supervisory board until 2015.He had a reputation as a tough manager who would sometimes force his ideas through despite internal resistance. His industrial strategy from the 1990s to build the Volkswagen Group into a major global force built on scale economies and at the same time acquire premium brands such as Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini, leaves a considerable legacy.

We will never forget this talented engineer who spent two decades as head of Audi before moving to the top job at VW Group in 1993.
And a lesson for all of us: the passion in his job is the first level to succeed !

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DBM: Grand Expertise in Optics and Injection PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 September 2019

DBM Group are a Canadian company, established in Quebec in 1972, the main product being at that time nickel needles to mould catadioptric inserts. Year after year, DBM have accumulated expertise in the domain of precise machining and moulding of optical components. A passionate team of development and manufacturing engineers allow DBM and their customers to benefit as projects are brought to fruition.

By the early 1980s, DBM Reflex began manufacturing injection moulds for retro-reflectors, and in the late '90s DBM began designing optical systems for their customers. In 2007 they started making optical components for non-automotive companies, and later expanded that service to include automotive customers. In 2014 DBM Optix's incorporation became official.

DBM currently employ 400 people and operate mainly in the automotive industry, more specifically in automotive lighting and signalling. There are two main activities grouped under the names DBM Reflex and DBM Optix. From DBM Reflex come moulds and tools; from DBM Optix come optical components.

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