A New DVN Website, a Great DVN LiDAR Conference coming, ISAL 2019 Report Print
Monday, 14 October 2019

Our brand-new DVN website is online, but you will only be able to access its complete content next week. We're still migrating archived content from the old site, so meanwhile, please click on this link to connect to the old website as usually.

Do visit and discover the fresh new site at the same address you already know: www.drivingvisionnews.com. You are not yet connected, have not full access to everything, that will only happen next week. But enjoy: It's responsive no matter what kind of device you're on. It's clearly designed and easy to scroll through, with better image presentations. And the search engine has been optimised. Please give it a try, and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it of any adjustments we can make for easiest access to your Driving Vision News.

DVN Frankfort LiDAR Conference on December 2-3 is now 6 weeks ahead. Our intent with this conference is to facilitate reciprocal access, communication, and business opportunities for stakeholders in LiDAR and vehicle industry, and to continue building a new ecosystem for LiDAR and automotive integration. We expectover 200 top worldwide experts in automotive LiDAR and lighting. Lectures will express the different views about Automotive LiDAR Applications and Integration. For more information and to register, click HERE.

Finally, I would like to congratualate the organisers of ISAL who succeeded to have fruitful lectures which show the wonderful progress of our automotive lighting community. However, while there were many very interesting lectures, some seemed not at the right level. It should be better to have fewer lectures, avoiding split sessions which mean sometimes missing good lectures.
Nevertheless, the DVN team were at ISAL in great enough number to attend all the lectures. Today we publish our DVN Report on this year's ISAL. All lectures, keynote speeches, and the winning poster presentations are summarised and commented on. If you weren't able to attend ISAL, get your copy of the DVN Report to catch up on what you missed. And if you were at ISAL, the Report is a handy reminder of the highlights!

Sincerely yours

DVN President