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Monday, 09 September 2019

With a persistent focus on innovation and new technology, DVN has been the driver and vehicle lighting and vision world's journal of reference for around 12 years now, over which time we've expanded its reach and scope to encompass ADAS.

Within today's revolution of ACES (autonomous, connected, electric, and shared) vehicles, mobility use cases are changing drastically. The car as a living space is gaining traction as an idea as vehicle autonomy steadily grows, while aerodynamic and crash-safety priorities have done away with yesterday's exterior flying buttresses and other suchlike. That's the context in which car interiors are becoming a foremost product differentiator, allowing vehicle occupants to enjoy a whole new range of activities during car trips: relaxing, working, phoning, reading, watching movies...the car becomes a mobile lounge. Thanks to all these new usages, car interiors are one of the strongest growing pieces of the vehicle, introducing scads of new technologies, apps, and features.

That's the impetus and scope for DVN-Interior, which has been getting its footing in a soft-launch mode for the last couple of months. Now it's fully live! With DVN-I we are creating a community of car interior experts, communicating through a bimonthly newsletter, Reports, and Workshops aimed at consolidating, analysing, and presenting information that would otherwise be scattered and difficult to access. The big idea with DVN-I is the same one that's been so successful with DVN: to help subscribed members access, absorb, and leverage relevant information quickly and efficiently.

DVN-I is also always linking the automotive market, new technology, and new mobility services to present and explain relevance in the car interior realm. Technology and services are the building blocks of today's and tomorrow"s vehicle occupant experience, and that's where interior and mobility overlap. Mobility service providers will of course brand and promote their services, not least by creating a unique customer experience—from ordering with a smartphone tap to relaxing into a mobility tool. Here again, the interior is central to the experience, so new mobility will drive new interiors and vice versa.

Come join us in this exciting car interior world, and mention DVN-I to those in your circles whose work and interest touches on vehicle interiors in some way, won't you please? We look warmly forward to welcoming you to the community of DVN-I members.

Philippe Aumont,
General Editor, DVN-Interior

Two last points from Hector :
- I am at this time in the IAA in Frankfurt. Even some OEMs as Citroën, Ferrari, Nissan, Peugeot, and Toyota are not present, we could discover innovative technologies mainly from the German OEMs Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW. DVN will publish a lighting-centred DVN Report promptly—before the end of the show.
- Don't miss below the very fruitful interview of Christophe Le-Ligné, CTO of Valeo's Visibility Systems business group. I am sure that all of you, will be interesting reading this interview.