Brake Assist Mandatory from 2/11 Print
Monday, 30 November 2009
In an attempt to provide for pedestrian safety in road traffic, the European Union will require a Brake Assist system on all new cars and light commercial vehicles starting 24 February 2011.

EU directives on pedestrian safety are poised to bring about major changes in the current braking system’s structure and function, of which the new brake-assist mandate is just one. It also foresees stricter regulations with regards to additional bumpers ans frontal protection to reduce risk of injury for pedestrians and cyclists. Improving traffic safety is also the aim of another directive which has been in effect since August 2009. Step by step, it will make the ESP system mandatory fo all vehicles by November 2014. Moreover, from Novembe 2015 commercial vehicles will also have to be equipped with advanced emergency braking systems as well as lane departure warning systems.